“The camera is a tool that teaches you how to see without a camera.”

Bree Neeley

Main Photographer



Videographer and Video Editor

Co-business Owner

Jesse Reising

Second Shooter

Business Manager

The person in charge of messaging and scheduling


Co-business owner

Hello Future Clients!

A little bit about us! We formed Neeley Photography back in 2012, as Sophomores in High School. Our names are Bree and Jesse, and we are the business owners! We are an engaged couple who run this company.

Our mission is to capture the beauty, personality, and individuality of each client!

Bree: Studied at Nikon School in Chicago 2012/2016, and Raleigh 2014. Currently she is getting her degree as a photographer at the University of Southern Indiana.

Awards: Best of Show Indiana State Fair 4-H Photography in 2013. Indiana State Fair Open Class Second Place Winner for Wedding Photography in the Professional Division in 2017. Indiana State Fair Open Class Honorable Mention in Professional Nature Photography 2018. USI Juried Student Art Show (Merit Award, Gift of: Jennifer L. Porter-Kieffer '06, Laurel Vaughn) 2021.

Jesse: Studied at Nikon School in Raleigh 2014 and Chicago 2016. He has his degree in accounting and computer information systems. Currently he is in charge of scheduling, accounting, and communication for the business.

Some of our favorite things outside of photography?

We are passionate about quality time with family and friends! We don't have the biggest family, but that means we cherish the ones we love even harder.

We love going on lunch dates, and that has really become our thing on Sunday's between photoshoots. We usually find ourselves at Dunkin', Panera, or getting sushi.

Jesse's passions include UFO's, Aliens, conspiracy theories, Basketball, Bree, playing the guitar, and pool.

Bree loves to roller skate, and to travel! Also, she loves making cocktails for friends and family, and is always creating new recipes. If she wasn't a photographer, she'd probably be a bartender. She also loves her plant baby's.

Our greenhouse is our obsession! Our plant baby's have been thriving for about 3 year now!

We are horror movie fanatics (as long as it's not gory). Name a horror movie, and we have probably watched it!

Some quick favorites! (We share most of our favorites, until it comes to podcasts):

Movies: The Conjuring Universe, The Joker Movie, and The Ritual.

Books: the Harry Potter Series, and Project Hail Mary.

TV shows: Servant, Stranger Things, Mindhunter, and Big Bang Theory.


(Jesse) The Secrets of Skin Walker Ranch, Last Podcast on the Left, Tin Foil Hat Club, Locked on Rockets, and Joe Rogan.

(Bree) The Sesh, Scared to Death, Bailey Sarian Dark History, Charlotte Dobre, Thoughty2, and Mr. Ballin

We love alternative music.

As long as we aren't already on a shoot, we try to go to as many street festivals as we can! We love the live music, art booths, and food trucks. We also are fond of traveling, but who isn't!

We hope this lets you get to know us a tad! It's always more fun when you feel like you know your photographers.

How did we meet?

We met in 8th grade, September 2010, at a volleyball game. Bree was taking photos for the yearbook, and Jesse was there supporting a friend. Jesse always says, I caught his attention because of my long blonde hair. I was new in school, and didn't know that many people yet. Jesse decided to make his move. He got up from the bleacher's walked past me and gave me a high five. Apparently that's how I got his attention though, because I did not hold back, I gave him a powerful high five. He spent the rest of the night moving around and choosing calculated seats where he could just chat with me. I don't honestly remember much from that night except that I met this really nice nerdy guy and his buddy. But from then on I was in Jesse's sight's. He spent a whole year in the relationship before we were even together. He got my attention, because he decided to buy a camera so he could take photos with me. (ready for some relic's?)

Then he started calling me at night to watch Big Bang Theory with me over the phone. Soon we started talking for 8 hour a night over the phone.

The last day of 8th grade, there was a lock in and I brought my little point and shoot camera, where we took our first selfie together

About a week later, we went to the movies with a group of friends, and he grabbed my hand.

3 day later Jesse invited me over to watch a movie with just him. We were hanging out in Jesse's parents attic, and it was a hot summers day. Like really hot. We watched the Matrix and then Forrest Gump, and Jesse Kissed me. We never really discussed it, but that's when we both decided we were dating. Although we kept it a secret from our friends for the rest of the summer. One of our friends knew, but still.

And from then on we've been together!

We've been through 3 schools, 2 graduations, every school dance, all the proms, and sorority formals together. We started our business in 2012 together and from day one, every bit of it has been mutual. We've gone through multiple career switches for Jesse, and multiple degree switches for me to get to where we are now. And we are completely co-dependent. No point denying it. We grew up together, and everyone will tell you we are. I think the longest we've spent apart is 4 days, and we've never gone a day without talking.

Our Proposal Story

We are so lucky!! Our 14th anniversary will forever be our favorite now! 05.18.24: Today marks half of my life with you, but now we have forever to go!

He proposed! And it was perfection! Surrounded by all of our friends and family, with the most beautiful mountain view. He gave a speech and it was everything a girl could dream of! When he proposed, he said,

"Bee, from the moment we met, I knew I wanted to be with you. Since then we’ve been through everything together. Through all the laughter and chaos, busy schedules and wild stories, you have bestowed a peace in my life that I can always return to. I love you and I’d love to keep this beautiful story going."

And I melted into tears, and said, "Yes! Of course I will marry you!"

And to think, I thought I wouldn't cry.... I love you fiancé!!

Huge thank you to Mia Grace Photography for capturing this beautiful moment for us! I am so thankful! These photos are everything!

Our parents suprised us back at the cabin with champagne, candles and the absolute sweetest gifts: this adorable and delicious cake from our friends at Bea Sweet Treats and this stunning bouquet made at Emerald Design! Thank you guys! That was so special!

We sat on the patio for a little bit with everybody chatting about wedding plans, of which we surprisingly have none. It was pretty exciting and surreal to hear Jesse talk about the wedding, and it be a real thing!

Jesse and I walked around all day, saying "Hi Feyonceeee" (I know thats not the spelling, but that is how we've been saying it hahahaa)

We played Frisbee in a parking lot with friends as we waited for our reservation, and then had a celebratory dinner at The Local Goat! Which was incredible!

Then we came back to the cabin, had cake and champagne, and played games for the rest of the evening, while Jesse and Chase alternated playing guitar. Which was absolutely perfect!

About the Biz

We started Neeley Photography Back in 2012. Jesse and I had just finished a senior session with a friend, that we shot for fun, when we posted it to my facebook page. A few parents got in touch with me telling me to "Set a price". Because I was going to be shooting their kid's senior photos. Jesse and I made our Neeley Photography Facebook Page in August, sitting on the floor in my parents bedroom. We posted publish, and have been very blessed to have been boked ever since!

Here's an updated list of accomplishments. Posted as they happen:

Wedding Day Magazine: Best Real Wedding and Engagement Photograph's of 2022

Omg we did it!!! I couldn't have done this without yall. I'm blown away by the love and support of this community. 1k of you voted for the wedding photo, and 693 of yall voted for the engagement photo. Those numbers are just wild to me. I'm so grateful to all of you. So thank you all so much. This feels like a dream! What a cool thing to happen as we close out the year. Cheers to sunset sessions, celebrating love, all of my beautiful clients, colorful photography, living a dream, and most of all you guys!

Also shout out to Brooklynn and Nathan, and Jenna and CJ, the stars of the photographs. They just killed it in their sunset sessions, and I'm so excited they all got to ride with me on this fun journey. Plus, thank you to all of your families for the constant sharing and excitement.


10 years of Neeley Photography

Thank you so much! Giveaway details below!

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To think, 10 years ago I had just done a friend's senior photos for fun, and I had 3 parents telling me to set a price. Jesse and I were sitting on my mom's bedroom floor with a laptop, when we started this page. And we have been booked ever since!

Really, none of this would have been possible without you guys! I feel blessed every day to have such an incredible community. Thank you for supporting two 15 year old's with a dream! We owe yall big!

This post wouldn't be complete without a few shout outs!

  • First, to the ladies at Merrymint Celebration Boutique & Event Space for this stunning balloon arch. It was so beautiful!
  • And then to my dear friends at Bea Sweet Treats. Ashley Corbetta and Stephanie Robinson Post for making this adorable and delicious cake, that we absolutely devoured after this shoot.
  • Finally to my parents, Jesse's parents, and all of our friends and family that have supported us, and at times dropped everything to help us create wild shots for our clients. We appreciate all your time, energy, and love!

Cheers to the last 10 years of adventures, stories, cool experiences, countless road trips and traveling, making fun art, and just the best clients! I hope you enjoyed this video of us smashing cake in each other's faces, and watching our growth over the last 10 years.

Facebook Rising Content Creators

Nov. 14th, 2022: Wow! Facebook has recognized us as the 1% of Rising Content Creators! And I'm just sitting here in my car after a photoshoot thinking, wait woah! So thank you all for all the love and engagement on our page lately. It's because of all you that we have received this little award from fb. And that's just wild! And in our 10th year as a business no less. I promise to keep making content yall enjoy, and working to show the love and beauty of all of our wonderful clients.



“Excellent, genuine, and fun to be around during a shoot. Excellent attitudes and great ideas. I love that they are always snapping pictures; letting life happen and getting the best shot. Neeley Photograpy provided over 7000 pictures from my wedding, close to 3000 for my engagement, and I’d easily say 2000 were taken in a short shoot with my daughter. I will always recommend them, and love spending the shoot with them. They know when it’s time to do business and bring their A game to each shoot.”

Some Favorite Old Photos of Ours