Hello Lover's and Dreamer's!

Let's talk about WEDDINGS, and documenting YOUR Happily Ever After

It's time to celebrate your love story!

We tailor our look's to fit your personality best. Our goal is to make you shine!

It is our firm belief that your photos should authentically reflect who you are, the unique style of your day. Let's be honest, you're working your butt off, to plan an amazing wedding right now; so let's show off all that hard work! We love to get to know our couples! We are very calm people, and like to have two wedding meetings to plan everything out with you. That way, we can help direct your timeline on your big day, so everything flows perfectly. Every wedding is different, so we tailor everything we do, to you! We work hard to provide you artsy, colorful, dramatic portraits, while also capturing the sweet and sentimental moments of your day. We want to give you something a little different, while capturing all the important moments of your day and all the sweet smiles. If you want anything specific, we make it our priority to capture that! There are no time limits for how long we photograph your day, that just adds stress where there shouldn't be any. You get us all day. We arrive during the getting ready process and don't leave until after all of the main events are over, and it's just solely dancing left. You can practically hold down the arrow key and watch your entire wedding! But most importantly, we tell your love story; so that way, when you look back at your wedding photos, decades down the line, you have the best and happiest memories to look back on! My parent's have always said, that their wedding day went by so fast, that the only parts they remember are the parts that they have photo's of. Rest assured you will will have thousands of photos of your whole day!



A little about us!

Some of our favorite wedding day things are first looks, father daughter dances, bio-degradeable flower confetti, candle lit dinners, and lit dancefloors.

We think photographing sentimental items like your great-great-grandmother's wedding day hand embroidered handkerchief, or the engraving's on your wedding band's, or your matching tattoo's, and the first kiss, the morning letter's, and the first touches around the doorframe are so important! Your moments are special to us, and we want to capture the memory of your big day; big moment's and tiny one's alike.

Wedding Counter

States Shot In:

IN, KY, IL, OH, TN, MO, AR, KA, and FL

This is us! Our names are Bree Neeely and Jesse Reising. We are your photographers!

We Do Travel!

We've traveled across the country, from our home state Indiana, to big Cities like Chicago, St. Louis, and Indianapolis. We've been to the mountains in Arkansas, we've flown to Florida, and we've driven across 5 states in 7 hours the day before to be at a wedding. Although we have not been out of the United State's yet for a wedding, we are willing to! Wherever your wedding is, is where we are happy to be!

Our 100th Wedding Milestone

We celebrated with balloons, champagne, and reminiscing on our past weddings. We thought it'd be fun to share some random Neeley Photography Wedding Day Statistics! These are just some random notes, counters, and observations we've made over the last 100!

200+ wedding meetings

99 times we've heard the cha cha slide

66 Warrick county weddings

48 Church weddings

32 COVID weddings

20 wedding couples that we've assured that rain means good luck

17 times Perfect by Ed Sheeran was the First Dance Song

16 Barn weddings

15 Ella park bridal dresses

13 backyard/at home weddings

8 Kentucky weddings

6 Jasper weddings

5 Haubstaut weddings

5 times Lord of the Rings was played as everyone walked down the aisle

3 dear friends: our 68th, 75th, and 95th weddings

2 destination weddings: 1 in Sarasota FL, and 1 in St. Louis

2 snowy weddings

1 wedding in -6° weather

1 wedding on an animal reserve with giaraffes and kangaroos

1 time a bride changed dresses for the reception

1 elopement

The Investment

The Full Day Wedding Package:

Our weddings range from $4,000-$6,000. We typically like to have a phone meeting with the bride and/or groom to go over the details of the wedding, so that we can give you the best price. We have found that every wedding is so different, and it would be unfair to have a flat wedding fee.  


Our quoted wedding fee would include the following:

   • 2 Photographers for the entire wedding day.

   • An online collection of all the photos taken with ability to download

   • A retouched set of photos uploaded to our Facebook Page.

   • A GoPro for the wedding party to use during the reception.

   • $150 off an engagement session. 

 (Engagement Sessions are normally $350, 2 hour session with download of all pictures)

The Elopement Package:

Packages start at $700 for a non-Saturday elopement, with 2 hours of shooting. Includes ceremony photos, wedding portraits, first dance, and a cake cutting if you so choose! Prices may increase per additional hours/locations, or if you choose to include bridal party and/or family photos!

Price may increase depending on destination requests, Saturday dates, or extra hours needed.

Package Add-On's:

These packages are optional, in additionto either your Wedding Day or Elopement package.

Full Day Wedding Videography Services

This addition is for everyone who would want us to shoot their wedding video, as well or instead of their photos. This package ranges from $1000-$2000. A specific quote can be given after a meeting where details of the Wedding have been discussed.

This package incudes:

  • 1 videographer for your entire day. (If we are already photographing your wedding, instead of having two photographers, you will have one photographer and one videographer.)
  • a 10-12 minute highlight video from your wedding day.
  • a google drive file with all of the video clips taken over the course of your wedding day.

Super 8 Film Highlight Videos

This is our newest package, and I am so excited that it's finally here!!!!! After a year's worth of behind the scenes practice, we are ready to offer you film highlight videos for your wedding day!

If you choose to add this package onto your wedding day, we have a Super 8 Vintage Video Camera that we will bring along to your wedding. Throughout the course of the day, we will shoot little candid video clips of all the cute moments! When all is said and done, you'll have a film highlight video that feels super nostaligic from your wedding.

Investment: $800

This package includes

  • Use of our super 8 video camera over the course of your wedding day.
  • 1-2 rolls of Kodak film.
  • The shipping and processing of your film to a pro company.
  • The shipping of the film back to us.
  • We hand digitize your film and edit it.
  • 2-4 minute highlight video from your day, put to music.
  • A deliverable retro canister with your processed film that you get to keep.


  • Super 8 cameras are extremely old and somewhat unreliable. We do have backups, but on the off chance one were to fail, you are eligible for a partial refund for the film/processing not used.
  • Filming on a super 8 camera works best in bright environments/venues. Dark venues may not be condusive to film. But, don't fret, we do have lights we can bring to combat this!

A Wedding Video

from a real Neeley Photography Bride and Groom. This was shot by Jesse as Bree photographed the day.

Super 8 Film from a Real Wedding

Attached is our first example of a full wedding day filmed on Super 8 film. Was it filmed yesterday? Or was it filmed a century ago? That is what I love about film! It creates a timeless memory!

Cheer's Lily and Michael! Thanks for being the first!

Outside of the Wedding Day, Here are Our Other Bridal Packages

The Dress Reveal Package:

In Collaboration with Rose and Bliss Bridal:

With this package, we show up to your Bridal appointment, and capture the moment when you try on your dress before you take it home. And let me tell you, its emotional and beautiful!

The Dress Reveal is the moment your dress finally arrives in the store, and you can try it on! When booking your Champagne Appointment with Rose and Bliss Bridal, I will gladly come and document that special moment when you try on your dress in all its glory with your closest friends and family. We will capture their reactions to seeing you for the first time in your gown. The squeals of joy and the tears. And then we can finish up with some "I said yes to the dress" photos with your bride tribe, before you take that gown home! If you are interested, this is something we can mutually schedule with Rose and Bliss Bridal.


Trash the Dress Session:

So you want to hop in a lake or a pool afterward your wedding day and trash the dress and create some awesome memories? We hear you! Let's do it!

We recommend a warm season and a change of clothes, but beyond that let's do it!

Safety is always most important, so each couple must sign a contract in advance, and if you have a heavy dress, due to liability, sessions cannot take place in locations with moving water that you can't stand up in!

$200 package

Bachlorette Mini's:

Let's be honest... Everyone expects to take a bunch of photos during bachelorette's. You're all dressed up, about to have the night of your lives. By booking this package, you can get all the photos you want with your bride tribe, professionally, before you head out to party it up.

Location: Trickey's Brews and Bevs

(or we can meet at the location of your choice.) Each girl gets a complimentary glass of wine if we meet at Trickey's! And they can accoadate 10 girls in their space.

$200 for a 1 hour shoot

With this package, you get a digital collection of everything taken and 10-20 retouched images.

P.S. This would be a great as a gift for a bride!

Wedding Portrait Re-Do's:

This package is good for so many things! Didn't like your wedding photos? Want to do more photos at another location or with another look, not on your wedding day? Want bridal mini's? Want to put on fairy wings with your dress before you get it professionally cleaned?

Well this is the package for you!

$200 for 1 hour shoot in 1 location

$400 for 2-3 hours and 3-4 other locations

With this package, you get a digital collection of everything taken and a small set of retouched images.

Our Portfolio


How do you photograph your weddings?

It depends on the wedding! We do everything we can to enhance your style, Be it southern, vintage, timeless and classy, or even funky. We want your wedding photos to feel like you! We love color and drama, and we take our time to make you look stunning! Even if that means taking a few minutes to adjust the dress to be just perfect or fixing the same hair between every pose. At the same time we organize and do lots of planning with our couples so that, when your day comes, we can direct the flow of traffic for you, so you can just sit back and enjoy your day.

What cameras do you use?

All Nikons Mirrorless Cameras! We prefer Nikons because they make their own glass, which makes a huge difference when it comes to the pigments that can come through on your portraits. All of our cameras are mirrorless! Which has the added benefit of providing you with extra sharp images, while being very quiet, so your guests hardly notice us during the big day! All the focus should be on you! (pun not intended) We usually use 2-3 Nikon Camera's over the course of your wedding day with multiple different lenses, and sometimes flashes. We also have a drone that we can and do use situationally, as well as a GoPro we can hand off to the bridal party for the reception. That way we can be ready for any situation that could arise!

Do you price by the hour?

Absolutely not! From day one as a company we have been hearing the horror stories, of "Oh I paid my photographer by the hour, and they left before we ever got to cut the cake or do our first dances." Well, we vow that you will never get that from us! It's not our day, it's yours! And we want to do everything we can to serve you. We are yours from beginning of the day until after all the main events are over or until after the send off!

How much experience do you have?

We may be young, but we have tons of experience! This year, 2023, we surpassed photographing 165 weddings! We have photographed for 3 wedding magazine's, and a few different bridal gown/tux companies.

As of the end of 2019, we have done approx. 700 shoots, 66 of them being weddings, and Bridal Company advertisement team ups.

Do you travel?

Yes. Yes. And YES! We will travel anywhere! While most of our weddings are usually local clients, we have gone as far as Florida for weddings, and have even discussed with a few of our clients, the possibility of traveling overseas to other countries to capture weddings. Anything is possible! Long distance weddings will increase the quote though, due to factoring in transportation, and lodging.

How far in advance should we book you?

Depends! On average we book fast! People start booking with us anywhere from 2 years to a few months before they get married. My advise, book us right after you set your date. That way you are more likely to get us before somebody else does! Pro tip: Fall books faster for us than any other time of year, so if you have a fall wedding, do not hesitate to call or message us!

Have you shot LGBTQIA+ Weddings?

Yes! Quite a few! All couples are welcome here!

I need Engagement Photos too!

Well, that's great! We actually have a special discount for all of our clients who book with us for your wedding! If we are shooting your wedding, you will get $150 off of your engagement session. It's only fair right? Plus we love getting to work with our couples in person before the wedding! It allows both of us to bond, get to know all of your good angles, and figure out your unique style! Which only makes your wedding day run smoother and quicker. Plus it gives us the chance to give you some good before and after content, like if you want to be sitting on the porch swing for your engagement session, then we can recreate the same pose on your wedding day. You can put the 2 side by side, and ta-da! Cute magic.

I love a specific shot, can you make sure it happens?

Absolutely! Tell me in advance, and we will make it a priority. And by all means, send me your Pinterest boards. Cause, ladies, we know you have them! Given location we can recreate just about anything!

You're booked on my wedding, and so I'm sad...

Trust us, we are too. There is nothing more heartbreaking than telling a potential couple that we are already booked on their big day. Well we have a band-aide for this little problem.... Mini sessions!

So we were booked on your big day? Well for just $175, we will gladly meet up with you for an hour at the location of your choice, and take some more! We have done this many times before! There are so many situations this has worked for!

Let's say it was pouring on your big day because the hurricane rains came through, you forgot to do something important in the chaos of the day, you missed the sunset session because there were no clouds in the sky, or you just plain weren't crazy about the photos. Here's your chance to change that!

Or let's say you loved your photos, well take this as your moment to choose a new look and do more! Instead of a ballgown, hair down, at your venue, we can meet you in a shorter dress or a pantsuit, in a forest, the fields, the mountains, or a waterfall! Throw your hair up in that pony tail. Get that vintage car, or set up a candlelit table for two, or heck, tea parties are fun too! Build a bonfire and roast smores. Lets set up disco balls on top of the parking garage, or meet up at an aquarium, or the horse stables! Want to trash the dress? Saw something cute on instagram? Now's your moment! Let's do it!

Whats your turn around time and delivery process?

24 hours after your wedding we return to you 1-2 sneak peak photos to hold you over until the rest of your images are done.

Around a month after your wedding, we should have 100-200 of your photos retouched and ready. that is what you see posted to social media. Those are your sneak peeks! Feel free to do whateer youd like with those images.

About a week or 2 after that, we have a full digital collection ready for you. In that digital collection will be every single photo we took over the course of your wedding, and your retouched photos. That digital collection will stay on line permanently and can be resent to you at any time if you need, that is your online digital collection.

We receommend though when you go to download your own photos, that you go ahead and get yourself a little hard drive and a small fireproof safe to keep everything in!

Full Wedding Galleries


Wdding Videos

So youve hired us to shoot your wedding video! What will it look like? Well every wedding video is so unique and they will all be a little different. But what we can promise is that it'll show off your day in all it's beauty. Check out the 4 below to get a feel of what yours could be like!

Wedding Wednesday's

We have our own little podcast on youtube called Wedding Wednesday's! If you have questions about weddings, planning, timelines; or are you just generally interested in listening to all the new trends in the wedding industry; then join me on our channel where we discuss all these things and more! This is an area where we can all grow together, learn something new, and get to see some really cool insperations in the industry!

Magazines and Local Wedding Team Up's

Cute TikTok Content from Real Wedding's

When the after party is just amazing!

This is what it looks like when you prioritize spending the evening side by side with your brand new spouse, and your guests all know you want them to party with you.

Everything about Elyse and Will's night was magical!

Location: Hidden Hollow

Chandra and Kevin's Elopement

Yesterday gave me goosebumps.

We were on our way home from a day of shooting when mom pulled over to send a text. There we were, sitting in The Tin Fish, Newburgh's parking lot when we impulsively decided to go in and get dinner. At the counter, I decided I didn't want my regular order, and I got a Peach Paloma Sour and an appetizer instead.

Shortly after, a couple joins us outside on the patio.

They started asking me what cocktail I ordered, and we began chit chatting. Turns out this couple, Chandra and Kevin, had just gotten married! I asked them if they wanted some photos together and told them I was a wedding photographer and they got very excited. They agreed, and we began shooting in the perfect golden hour!

I asked them, "Why today?"

Kevin said, "Well, it was storming earlier in the day, but it stopped, and the sun came out, and it was just such a beautiful day that we were like, let's get married. So we called the courthouse but we wouldn't have been able to get married for another month. But someone told us to call the Henderson one, and when we told the secretary what we wanted to do, she went and checked, and the Henderson Judge had an opening today. Thank goodness!"

I didn't know it, but my mom was recording our conversation, and I love that she did so yall can hear them tell it themselves.

It was one of those stories that gave me goosebumps. There were so many circumstances that lined up with them getting married yesterday, and there were so many more reasons why I almost didn't get to meet them. But God's timing is undeniable. I feel like we were supposed to meet yesterday!

Shortly after, Tin Fish's staff came out and started pointing out pretty nooks to take photos in, and we ended by letting the couple share their first dance together.

Congratulations to the happy couple! I wish you both the brightest future!

Laura and Noah's First Dance

A sweet back patio first dance surrounded by loved ones

A fun after party moment with the Dalto's

This is about as authentically fun, as it get's!

A banger of a NYE reception

POV: You get married on New Year's Eve, and the party is a banger. You count down the New Year and kiss the love of your life at midnight, ending a very fun wedding. When you get your photos back a month later and they are a vibe, and you get to relive your after party!

The biggest congratulations to the McCullough's!!

I'm officially on board with straight on flash and motion blur. It took a little bit for it to grow on me... since it is literally breaking every lighting rule I have ever been taught in the 17 years (11 professionally) I have been photographing... but, I have to admit, it's definitely a unique way to look at the day. I definitely feel like it enhances the concept of high fashion, and party culture. Making it especially fitting for a New Year's Eve reception. What do you think?

Also, special shout out to DJ Ray (Kyle Ray) we have worked so many weddings together over the years, but this was our second New Year's Eve wedding together and I just have to say, he does an incredible job! The mixing is so fun, the music is so fun, and the count downs are phenomenal! Check him out if you're looking for a DJ!

Dancing Alone Together

These two snuck off to practice their first dance in the most beautiful location possible. I followed them to take some photos, but I'm pretty sure they had no idea I was taking video clips too. Anyways here's a little highlight video to hold you love birds over as I work on your gallery!

Brooklynn's Bridesmaids Surprised Her with a Friendship Scrapbook the Morning of Her Wedding:

Imagine this, your bridesmaids all grew up knowing each other, and the week before the wedding, they all bring their old photos, and make you a scrapbook. They give it to you right before you get into your dress, and you all look through the whole thing together remising.

Always Do The Sparkler Exit

and get the extra large sparklers ;)

I Want a Sundae Kind of Love

Leandra and Richard decided to sneak up to the balcony for a peaceful moment alone, watching their guests while they eat sundae's they built for themselves at the sundae bar, and that moment became their favorite from the day.