Vintage And Retro Sessions

Everything from the 20's to the 70's, y2k moments, and more!

Period pieces are some of the coolest moments in photography. Nailing an era, time, and emotion is a work of art and one of our favorite thigs to do! And we would love to offer this opportunity to you!

70's Glam with Lauren at the A.C. Thomas House

Rebel Magazine Web Editorial

Click the link: Groovy Baby

70's Skating

The Roaring 20's

A set of images to welcome everyone to 2020! Happy New Year, and New Decade! (Keep scrolling down for links to all vintage collections.)

The 40's

Vintage photos dedicated to my Grandmother, who was an artist in the 40's and who drew many lovely images for local magazines. All of these images were inspired from her work, and her love for her favorite era.

50's Inspired Pin-up

50's inspired pin-up photography with my good friend Lauren!

Welcome to Hollywood

Marilyn Monroe, early Hollywood inspired photography, with Eva.