Jim's Proposal to Amara

I have known my friend Jim, my whole life. We grew up together, sword fighting with plastic bats in the backyard, and watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, on repeat, way too many times; as our parents hung out. But, I will never forget the night he told us the story about him falling in love with Amara.

It was right after Jim's senior photos that our families had all really reconnected, and it was one of those nights where both of our families were chit-chatting the evening away. Us kids were sitting on the kitchen floor when he started telling us about this mystery girl he was dating.

Jim and Amara met in 7th grade, they had been friends for a while when they took a trip to the zoo. They were walking around and they walked under a mist maker, and at the time Amara had blue hair. They were walking and talking, and she went right under the mist maker and the light was shining in her blue hair. And he was saying how he knew in that moment he loved her. His, "Aqua Goddess".

I met Amara shortly after that, although I never knew blue haired Amara. Over the years we have all grown closer. I have spent every holiday watching the two of them, and they are a cute balance. I have watched them love and support each other through the best and worst of times. Jim makes her laugh, Amara makes him smile.

So when Jim told me he wanted to propose to his Aqua Goddess at the zoo under the mist maker, we were so excited! It was perfect! She figured out it was coming, but still was surprised! She couldn't stop saying thank you during and it was so cute. Congratulations you guys! I am so happy for you both!

Savannah's Proposal to Gage; and His Reaction

You may have seen last week Gage proposed to Savannah, and she said yes! But for about as long as I have known her, Savannah has always said, it's not fair that just the guy has to propose. Marriage is an equal partnership, and the guy should get the full treatment too. So when Gage proposed, she said that they were only half engaged.

Now they are fully engaged! Savannah enlisted in our friend groups' help to make a short film about their relationship. It took Savannah, me, Jesse, and Charlie several hours to film. Special thanks to Wasabi who enthusiastically allowed us 4 crazy kids to film in their resturant in wigs on a busy Saturday evening. This video turned into one of those friendship core memories.

She popped the question to Gage after a little backyard movie night, and he said yes back!

Click the link to watch the proposal video and Gage's reaction to the proposal! (Warning, it's definitely rated R for language and jokes), but it's too good not to share! Gage's grin while watching it is adorable.